Who am I? 

Hey Radiant Soul!  I’m Janet. I’m a Holistic Life Coach, Happiness & Healthy Living Coach, and a licensed Skin Care Therapist (Esthetician). 

I’m a multi passionate lover of life, creative entrepreneur, lover of animals & everything self help-ery. I’ve been practicing personal and spiritual development for the past 27 years.   


Why a Dose of Sunshine?

It’s always been my passion to be service and guidance to others in any way I possible.

I created  A Dose of Sunshine to be be a source of inspiration and motivation, a catalyst to living consciously, every day. 

I want to give you something that puts a smile on your face and hope in your heart.

I like to call it “the elixir” (Wikipedia defines “Elixir as “powder for drying wounds”) The great teacher Joseph Campbell describes an Elixir as: The object, knowledge, or blessing that the hero (you, me, us) acquired during the adventure ( our life) is now put to use in the everyday world. 

Head on over to my BLOG page, take a peek around.  I’ll be sharing some of my own favorite tools and elixirs, come join me, comment and share your thoughts with me!.

With much, much love, always,




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