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Protein Bites

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Superfood Power Bites Ingredients you will need: 2 cups organic raw oats 2 cups organic shredded coconut 1 cup organic ground flaxseed 1/2 cup cacao nibs 1/2 cup dried cranberries, diced figs or diced dates (your choice) 1 cup organic creamy peanut butter or almond butter. 2/3 cup agave nectar 2 tsp vanilla Mix all [...]

My favorite healthy snack

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Happy New Year!! One of my favorite things to do is make (and eat!) delicious, healthy food.  Dried kale is great to snack on, without all the added calories and fat.  For this weeks recipe click the link below. Enjoy! ‎

How I go into the woods

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I must love you very much

  I found this poem today while searching for something else... you know how that is, right?" Today while writing this blog post,  I am currently "In the woods"  Literally...  take a look at this picture. Cacti, scorpions, snakes oh MY! Now, some of you may say... "That's NOT the woods". However, this is "the woods" compared to where [...]

On Grief and Grieving

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with much love, Janet Regardless of the specifics of the loss, something or someone you deeply cherish in your life, is lost, and your heart is broken. In its simplest form, loss is when something you value, something in which you are invested, is taken from you. When most of us hear the word loss, [...]