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How I go into the woods

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  I found this poem today while searching for something else... you know how that is, right?" Today while writing this blog post,  I am currently "In the woods"  Literally...  take a look at this picture. See.... I told you!!! (Yes, I'm still a kid at heart) Now, some of you may say... "That's NOT the woods". [...]

The Alkaline Body

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With a few simple additions to our daily diet, we can help create an a healthy alkaline environment for our body. Our body is designed to stay alkaline and will do whatever it takes to do this. When we consume acidic foods and drinks, stop exercising and continually have negative emotions our body is overrun [...]

On Grief and Grieving

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I wrote this article in 2012 after going through infertility treatments that were unsuccessful, directly followed by the unexpected death of my step-son, and then some..... To say that our home was heavy with grief would be an understatement.  At the time, I published it in Living Well Nevada Magazine April 2012 issue.  For those [...]